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1) Full Name: Aleks 2) Age: 22 3) Sex: blessed with a penis… - the long pause while you come to your senses [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
the long pause while you come to your senses

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[Feb. 25th, 2007|01:15 am]
the long pause while you come to your senses
1) Full Name: Aleks
2) Age: 22
3) Sex: blessed with a penis
4) Cherry or Apple: apple
5) Single?: perpetually
6) Why is there no question here?: i saw a question mark!
7) What do you prefer "make love" or "have sex": theres a distinction
8) Are you a virgin?: nope
9) What is your favorite Holiday?: i don't really have a chance to celebrate most of them
10) Favorite Sports?: skateboarding/basketball
11) Does size really matter?: ask someone else... i've heard no complaints
12) Color?: black and red
13) Favorite Movies?: too many of them, not enough time... who am i kidding, i've got plenty of time im just lazy
14) What is better, summer or winter?: spring
15) Who is your best girl friend?: this little whore named liz who never calls me back or really does anything but use me...
16) Do you love or hate your family?: love them... they're all rad
17) Do you wear pajamas or sleep naked?: boxers
18) Candles or Incense?: incense
19) Car or Truck?: drivin a car now... but i miss my truck
20) Rap, Pop or Alternative Music?: Metal and real hip hop
21) Laugh or Cry at a funeral?: neither... i get the crying out of the way before i get there... no one gets to see that
22) Whats the pefect age for you? i miss being 10
22) Do you believe in chain letters?: i've not sent so many of them that theyve become a good excuse for how pooped on i feel most of the time
23) Do you sleep w/ stuffed animals?: no
24) Would you rather be pretty and poor or rich and ugly?: aleks and happy

25) What is the most pain you've ever felt?: the immense lonliness that comes with constant rejection and not having anyone in your life who truly understands you
26) Do you have a job? yup... and thats how its been since i was 14 other than this blissful 6 month period where i had no work or school, i just lived
27) Marlboro or Newport:? camel
29) McDonalds or Burger King: toxic hell
30) What are your nicknames?: im sure i've got a couple... call me "citizen dildo"
31) Impeach Clinton?: damn this is an old survey... lets impeach bush and put a new clinton in.
32) Whats the worst thing you've ever done?: i'd rather not talk about it
33) Obessions?: basketball
34) How often do you clean your room?: its been a hot minute
35) Do you know what a jigabo is?: its that spot between your balls and your asshole, right?
36) Favorite quote? *disclaimer- aleks and chris do not advocate "doing this." doing anything may result in bad things happening, including, but not limited to- death, bleeding, shattered skulls, severe illness, vomiting, loss of sleep, diminished sex drive, increased sex drive, inability to speak, loss of motor control, blindness, or permanent disfigurement. do this at your own risk, and remember, do things when you can, not when you can't.

37) What do you want to name your kids?: "get me a beer" and "go mow the lawn"
38) Hanson, "hot or not": i thought they were girls at first... i even fell into the trap of saying "that ones kinda hot" before i found out they were all dudes
39) Favorite food(s): scrambled eggs, ribs, hamburgers, and bacon
40) Is Vanilla Ice cool or does he still suck?: He's a straight thuggish type who just don't get no raspect from tha homies
41) Rather eat at home or out?: i like to cook
42) Favorite Cartoon?: family guy and beavis and butthead
43) Rather be a smurf or Scooby-Doo?: scooby-doo... duh
44) Tyra Banks or Mya?: tyra banks has been one of my celeb crushes since my balls dropped
45) Where are your peircings?: n/a
46) Drugs?: oh good lord
47) Jerry Springer or Ricki Lake?: nope
48) If you could be reincarnated what would you come back as? maybe in another life when we are both cats
49) Got any pets?: not anymore.. i miss my dog!
50) Brownies or Cupcake?: brownies
51) If you had 24 hours left to live, how would you spend it? i'd give in to horrible desperate unhappiness and only make it about 25 minutes before killing myself to say "i died on my own terms"
52) Cat or Dog?: dog... im allergic to cats
53) What's better, Bass or Guitar?: guitar
54) Is your writing messy or neat?: i dunno, its been a while
55) Where do you live?: the ghetto, apt #407
56) How many kids do you want?: 2... one to name "get me a beer" and one to name "go mow the lawn"
57) Habla Espanol?: no
58) Have you ever ran away?: briefly... it was doomed from the start, as when i left home i was just in my socks... it was ok though, i stole some shoes and wandered around until i got bored. then i went home
59) Does anyone owe you money?: coupla heads im sure
60) Are you happy or sad right now?: pissed at liz for leaving me hanging yet again
62) Hows school?: a fading memory
63) What do you think you'll die of?: stress
64) Worst smell in the world?: shattered dreams
65) Favorite Place to go?: rock springs or the beach
66) What do you want to be when you grow up?: fuck if i know
67) How many buddies on your buddy list?: uhhhh 70ish?
68) Do you go to church?: nope
69) Do you consider yourself a sex-fiend?: yup... thats why i fuck my hand like 3-5 times a day
70) What do you do when you're bored?: get drunk
71) Beavis or Butt-head?: beavis
72) Book or Magazine?: book
73) Book or Movie?: Movie
74) Ever seen a ghost?: no but i have been fucked with by a poltergeist
75) Do you believe in witchcraft?: mehh.... maybe
76) Do you sleep w/ music on?: no
77) King of the Hill or Simpsons? family guy
78) Abortion?: if you must
79)Do men suck?: the ones who like dudes i'm sure spend much time sucking
81) Do women suck?: im sure theres a couple out there somewhere who don't. if you find one will you let me know?
82)Mad TV or Mad Magazine?: Magazine
83)Steak or Salad?: steak... feed... me... beef
84)Craziest thing you've ever done?: you wouldn't believe me if i told you
85) Whats the band you hate the most?: nickleback
86) Worst TV show?: give me a list of reality shows
87)Have you ever been cheated on?: yup
88)Beer or Wine?: beer
89)If you could bring back one person from the dead who would you bring back? brandon
90) Favorite Number?: 13
91)Ha Ha or He He?: ahah
92) Bright or Dark?: bright... but my worlds so dark...
93) Favorite Radio Station?: 91.5 is the only one i still listen to... im so fucking tired of the same god damn clear channel playlists on every fucking radio station in the country
94)Is it a Cop or a Pig?: popo
95) If you had the chance to go on titanic knowing it would sink, would you go?: are you fucking high? really? would i get on a ship knowing damn well its going to hit an iceberg and sink and i'm going to freeze to death while i bob in the ocean hoping desperately for someone to find me? fuck no! do i look like i've got the word "cunt" on my forehead?
96) What do you think is really sexy?: stomachs, butts, eyes, uniforms, and that little "i love life" aura that some women wear on them like a blanket
97) Do you have a secret crush on anyone that you want to tell?: i don't, no
98) Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?: callaway briefly
99) If you could have 100 million dollors or love, what would you want?: reciprocated love
100)Stuff you like to do: i love to drive. i like to sleep, eat, skateboard, fuck, masterbate, play basketball, and smoke weed
100)Color Eyes: brown
102)Height: 6' or 6'1
103)Shoe Size: 11.5
104)Favorite Song: Hard to say
105) Absolute One Best Friend: i don't even know anymore
106)Most romantic thing a guy/girl has ever said to you? every time i smell a cigarette it reminds me of you... yeah... thats really not so romantic, is it?
107)Funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention
of the opposite sex: im not at liberty to answer this question

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